Why Punjabi People Love WhatsApp?

Punjabi people belong from the northwest of the sub-continent, which is now known as Indian Punjab and Pakistan Punjab province. The population of worldwide Punjabis including subcontinent is well more than 100 million, the substantial volume of Punjabis lives in the Pakistan’s Punjab province, which encompasses more than 60% of the whole country’s population. As Punjabis are known for their distinct rich culture, which includes music, dance, cuisine, weddings, literature, apparels, colorful festivals and their decade’s long traditions – now also attracted towards modern trends, like using WhatsApp.

The modern generation of Punjabi origin loves to interact with their friends and family over WhatsApp and normally Punjabi people love to set their WhatsApp status in Punjabi. Not only status messages, but Punjabi love their language they make free voice calls from WhatsApp to have chit chat with their Punjabi friends circle in Panjabi. Moreover, most of the Punjabis also like to exchange instant messages in Punjabi written using roman style.

Furthermore, as all Punjabis are renowned for their warmth and good sense of humor now in this current day and age of Smartphone’s Punjabi people loves to share funny content with their contacts. Also, some of the funniest WhatsApp video clips are also made by Punjabi’s or on Punjabis, for the obvious reason that they are damn funny in whatever they do. Basically, Punjabi’s have the natural talent of creating a fun atmosphere around them, where ever they go. They do it by their language and also through their funny activities.

Also, people of Indian Punjab known as Sikhs are considered the most peaceful community of the world, and are recognized for their truthfulness and jolly nature. Also, the traditional turban which most of the Sikh wear to cover their uncut long hairs is also their identity all over the world. That’s why as soon as you will see a man with a long beard and a turban on his head you instantly know that the person is from Sikh religion.

Coming back to WhatsApp craze among Punjabis residing in any part of the world is immense; also they also adore making use of their mother tongue Punjabi to be used for all WhatsApp features. That’s why most of the Punjabi people are found making use of sweet Punjabi language, while chatting and voice calling to experience their productivity more aptly. Also Punjabis shares the funniest jokes that you will found circulating on WhatsApp. Moreover, Punjabi’s are never off beat as far as making fun of anyone is concern, they throw jokes at each other using WhatsApp, which makes other WhatsApp users laugh like mad’s.

Since WhatsApp has not boundaries of origins that’s why, worldwide Punjabi’s who found WhatsAp the most fitting free communication Smartphone app are found in love with its various features.